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Information about a handling of personal data

    Business in the field of accommodation services requires performing duties followed from the law 133/2000 Sb. about population record, 326/1999 Sb. about stay of foreigners in the territory of the Czech Republic and 565/1990 Sb. about local fees with respect to later additions and regulations. Since that I must process the personally identifiable information of our guests. I respect the sensitivity of these data and I handle them with the grave responsibility. Our guests are able to ask for seeing our internal directives in which the way of processing and storing data is set.

    The personal data of our guests are stored according to valid law, especially the law 101/2000 Sb. about personal data protection and a regulation in EU law on data protection (EU) 2016/679 – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All personal data, I am required to collect by law, are exclusively processed for purpose of complying contractual duties and are not shared with any third-parties. The exceptions are only cases, when the guest realizes order exploiting other individuals (web portals) or bank processing the payment. The paying guest stamps of approval and gives his personal data voluntarily. He agrees with the handling of his personal data. These personal data are not used for marketing purposes or distribution of sales promotions which are not connected with concrete accommodation order.

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